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nancy regan

Nancy Regan has spent a ton of time in front of the camera. She hosted CTV's "Live at Five" for fifteen years, and has also been an anchor, journalist or actress on heaps of other shows.  


Ghettosocks is a DJ, emcee, and producer who has headlined and toured around the world! You can see more on his website, here:

THe Brave and Talented Stars From 2017! 

The Woods

The Woods aesthetic consists of grounded urban movement with the polish expected from a traditional dance company. The company consists of 19 local dancers, ages 16 to 28 training and rehearsing weekly in downtown Halifax. Their debut performance was in Grand Parade, Halifax, as part of the hip-hop festival, HopscotcH .

Cheryl Hann

Comedian and musician, hilarious Cheryl Hann was in Picnicface - one of the funniest and most viral sketch comedy groups ever. She also plays drums in Heaven For Real. 

Liz Rigney

If you've seen CTV news, you've seen Liz Rigney. These days, she's more involved with the promotions, community relations, and production projects. But we still remember when she was the face of Atlantic journalism!

Cory Bowles

Cory Bowles is perhaps best know for playing Cory in Trailer Park Boys,

a role for which he received a Gemini award. He's also the principal choreographer for Verve Mwendo, voices the kids' tv series Poko, and

plays in the rock band Aide-de-Camp. He has choreographed music

videos for Jenn Grant and Matt Mays. 

cyril Lunney

CTV funnyman Cyril Lunney has joined our cast of Spinning Stars!

Cyril has driven a race car, jumped out of an airplane, played basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters and fed a mountain lion! Now he'll face his biggest challenge yet: performing with contortionist Something Els!

veronique mackenzie

Véronique MacKenzie is a highly renowned choreographer whose work has been presented in festivals across Canada. Véronique is on faculty at the NSCAD University, Neptune Theatre School, The Fountain School of Performing Arts (Dalhousie University) and Halifax Dance.

   She is also a visual artist, and has been incorporating electronics, video, and computer imaging into her choreography.

vlad snytkin / Anya Knees

Vlad is a hairstylist and fashion designer with many awards. He placed in the top 3 in the Redken Cover Competition from 2009 - 2012, took first place in the CANS Fantasy Hair Competition in 2011 and 2nd place in 2012. Vlad is also a professional dancer and dance teacher. 

If you're lucky, you may meet Vlad as his alter ego, Anya Knees. She's one of Halifax's most glamorous drag queens, and her passionate performances are not to be missed. 

Stoo Metz

Photographer, Burlesque Performer, Social Media Addict, Halifamous Personality, Crossfitter, Youtuber, King of the Selfie, Winner of GOLD Best Photographer in Halifax 2016

AKA Buster Price


Dance has always been huge in Kyla's life, and when she discovered pole, she jumped right in.

Along with her pole partner Joy Ducharme, she represented Canada in the International Pole Sports Championship in London, UK in 2013. 

spiralynn christy sanford

11 years ago, SpiraLynn opened Studio In Essence, the aerials and pole studio that has grown to be a staple in the East Coast pole community. 

She spends most of her time there training and teaching students. She has won regional pole fitness competitions and placed at nationals for three years in a row, and also hosts frequent performances and competitions - like this one!

Michelle McINtyre

Michelle has been dancing her whole life. She's passionate about movement. She won the Bronze medal at Halifax Pole Theatre 2017, and continues to inspire others with her strength and her warm heart. She also trains regularly with the Halifax Crossfit community. 

andrea casey

Andrea has made fitness a career, and pole a passion. She won first place in the Pole Art category of the Halifax Pole Theatre, and is well-loved by her Pilates and Pole students alike. 

something els

Something Els began her circus journey back in 2013. A graduate of Dalhousie's Acting program, she's no stranger to the stage. Although she's recovering from a shoulder injury and will be performing mostly with one arm, you are guaranteed to be delighted by her energetic presence.

katelyn rowe

Katelyn loves pole because it can a beautiful and graceful combination of strength and flexibility - or, it can be a pile of laughs. She takes her fun seriously, and her skills are seriously remarkable. 

kara richardson

Resident Funny Girl at Studio in Essence and Winner of the Comedy category at Halifax Pole Theatre 2017, Kara brings quirky fun to Spinning with the Stars. She's loud, she's herself, she's amazing - Kara can't be ignored! 

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