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Spinning With the Stars 2019 Lineup

Hali-Famous + Circus Artist

  • Halifax Fringe's April Hubbard with Vanessa Furlong

  • Evolve Festival's Jonas Colter with Kyle Scott

  • Halifax Councillor Lindell Smith with Dawn Shepherd

  • Musician Rich Aucoin with Ryan Gray

  • Burlesque Dancer The Lady Corbeau with Hilary Kate

  • DJ Tommy Knuckles with Zack Trash

  • HRM's Dancing Cop Jordan Shepard with Jasmine Mah

  • Musician Keonté Beals with Katelyn Rowe

  • Entrepreneur Jay Wells with Michelle McIntyre

  • MMA Fighter Chris Kelades with SpiraLynn

  • Drag Royalty Rhett Slutler with Alix Todd

  • Musician KDZ with DisloCait

  • Bloggers Allie and Sam with DracuLauraMayhem

  • MX. Mads and Apex

April Hubbard with Vanessa Furlong 

April Hubbard Headshot - Photo Credit to

April Hubbard

April Hubbard is an arts administrator, disability advocate, non-profit manager, and occasional performer who draws on her lived experience to amplify the voice of those who are overlooked. She has worked with many not-for-profits including Foghorn Theatre, Hope for Wildlife, Us vs Them Theatre Cooperative, Rolling Bold Productions, the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia, Life Rolls On, and Sail Able NS. 

In 2017, after 14 years of volunteering with the organization, April was chosen as the first female Chair of the Halifax Fringe Festival. Fringe is a non-juried, anything goes performance art festival, where everyone is welcomed, traditional artistic rules are rejected, and creativity is fostered. 

She co-founded disabilityX Halifax alongside fellow disability advocate Paul Vienneau. disX works to normalize disability while uniting and empowering various disability communities by allowing the individual to control their own narrative. 

April is most proud when she challenges people's assumptions by thriving as a person with a disability who refuses to be hidden away. She highlights her capabilities in order to serve as an example as for the next generation of women living with disabilities. 

April is thankful fr the opportunity to strengthen her body, challenge beliefs, and create friendships through Spinning with the Stars. 

Follow April on IG: @april.hubbard.549


Vanessa Furlong

Vanessa Furlong has been fiercely spreading her love of the arts in Nova Scotia since she made Halifax her home in 2005. Vanessa holds a degree in Theatre and Music performance from Bishop’s University and has been developing her own style of presentation by fusing her experiences in film, theatre, circus, and music internationally . Beginning as the co-creator of the Musical Theatre program for Interaction Children’s Theatre Company in NB, and leading to today where she holds the titles of co founder of LEGacy Circus and head performance instructor for Atlantic Cirque. Vanessa’s creations involve the question of how physical expression affects the psychological impact on both performer and audiences alike. Influenced by her history as a support worker, she was drawn to creating a more inclusive atmosphere in her teaching, creating, and performances. Vanessa is currently exploring inclusion in the performance arts and adaptive acrobatics with her performance partner Erin Ball with their company LEGacy Circus. Vanessa’s passion on the stage is electric; her devotion unquestionable. She has toured all over Canada, the Eastern US, and Asia performing as front woman in ECMA and MNS award winning group ThreeSheet, as a professional aerialist, (Trapeze), and acrobatic stilt dancer for LEGacy Circus and Atlantic Cirque.


Rich Aucoin with Ryan Grey


Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin is a film composer, syncing his music to films (How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Little Prince, Alice In Wonderland) in the same way Pink Floyd can be listened to while watching The Wizard of Oz. The live show is a theatrical spectacle of these syncs along with a big singalong mixed media vibe.

Follow Rich on IG: @richaucoin




Ryan Gray 

Ryan Gray is an accomplished musician, composer, and contemporary circus artist. A drummer since the age of 6, Ryan is university educated in classical and modern percussion, as well as Benares tabla. He has performed in Canada, the USA, Cuba, and South Africa, playing styles ranging from jazz and latin to blues, metal and EDM. After touring as a drummer with Circus Smirkus, living in Montreal, and working with Zip Zap Circus in South Africa, Ryan transitioned to circus arts, learning from elite trainers in the international circus community on aerial straps and clowning, and receiving education from the National Circus School in coaching. Following his work with Les Improbables, a troupe from Montreal, Ryan returned to Nova Scotia to start producing shows with his partner, Dawn Shepherd, under the name Breaking Circus.

Jordan Sheppard with Jasmine Mah


Jordan Sheppard

Jordan is 35 years old, born and raised in Dartmouth Nova Scotia now residing in Halifax. He is a police officer and is currently in his 11th year! Jordan started his Instagram account after his dancing video at pizza corner last July went viral and has 1,000,000, yes, one million views!!! Ever since then he has been using his social media platform to humanize the badge, showing the lighter side of policing!

Follow Jordan on IG: @hfx_dancing_cop

Jasmine Mah

Jasmine is a graduate student and health care professional who has mastered the art of procrastination. Somewhere along the way, she discovered pole fitness and fell in love. She is thankful for the friends, opportunities and memories provided by this amazing sport. She is the 2018 Halifax Theatrix Amateur Champion, the 2019 Halifax Theatrix Pole Art Champion and the 2019 Canadian Pole Sports and Arts Federation Competitive Women's Pole Art Champion.  



Keonté Beals with Katelyn Rowe 


Keonté Beals

22 years old a multi-award winning artist including awards such as Music Nova Scotia’s Inspirational Recording of the Year 2016, multiple ANSMA awards & 2 ECMA nominations. Born and raised in North Preston Nova Scotia, Keonté started singing, dancing & performing at the age of 7. Since finding a passion in entertainment, at the age of 16, Keonté had his first solo in his home church Saint Thomas Baptist Church in North Preston, NS. This particular solo opened up many opportunities to sing at other churches and charity events all around Halifax. These opportunities generated great buzz about the young singer. Keonté's style and energy has often been compared to Anthony Hamilton and Michael Jackson. This soul singer’s voice breaks generation boundaries! With his smooth R&B vocals, high energy moves & killer band he consistently leaves audiences filled with high energy and electrifying vibes. Keonté is currently working on his first full length album set to release in the fall of 2019. He continues to bring forth incredible vocals, introducing a new sound to the East Coast’s music scene.

Follow Keonté on IG: @keotebeals 



Katelyn Rowe 

Katelyn began pole fitness classes at Studio in Essence in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the combination of strength, flexibility and dance in the sport. She became a certified pole fitness instructor shortly after and enjoys sharing her love of the sport with her students at InesS. Katelyn has competed in Pole Comedy, Doubles and the Pro Division at pole fitness competitions. In 2017, Katelyn and her previous celebrity partner (Stoo Metz!) took second place at the Spinning with the Stars charity competition fundraiser. Katelyn is thrilled to be a part of this years fundraiser for The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia as she also works in the social services field. 

Jay Wells with Michelle McIntyre 


Jay Wells

Jay Wells is someone who has successfully pursued a variety of outlets to share his creativity with the world. A South Shore native, he made his home in Halifax where his interest in fashion and couture saw him graduate from the Dalhousie Costume Design program in the 90's. This opened doors to the world of theatre and performance and Jay became known for his theatrical presence supporting the early days of Pride Week here in Halifax. Jay's interest in design and creativity also had him sharing his eye for detail creating luxurious interiors. This talent is in evidence today at his heritage home salon space on Brunswick Street which he has curated into an experience of texture, warmth and comfort. Truly, his career as a master of hair has been one of the main outlets for expressing his creativity. From early studies at Dante's International School of Hair and Beauty, his styling career has taken him around the world perfecting his craft, learning new techniques and finding fun ways to bring hair to the next level for his clients. He is a celebrity stylist and is featured on television for his style insights as well as appearing as a men's health and beauty advisor for Preferred Magazine. Looking ahead, Jay is training with the Davines Artistic Team to become an educator to teach others how they can allow their creativity and talent to shine, balanced with enjoying his Nova Scotian lifestyle that allows him to be connected to family, creativity and the natural beauty available here. Being a part of Spinning with the Stars has been a perfect fit for Jay, allowing both a new creative outlet to emerge and providing an opportunity to give back to the community.

Follow Jay on IG: @jaywellshfx



The Lady Corbeau with Hilary Kate 


The Lady Corbeau 

The Lady Corbeau is a 31 year old Halifax native who over the past few years has entered the world of burlesque. A 15 year modeling veteran and photographer, having been published and featured on international magazine covers, she has been able to move her art to the stage! She draws inspiration from classic burlesque, drag, dance, movies, and improv. The Lady Corbeau is known for creating unique characters and stories in her numbers (you should see her Magikarp act...) She was the winner of this year's Golden Tassel award for Best Burlesque and has begun producing her own shows. She is an active member of the Blue Lobster Burlesque troupe and often found performing here in the city.  
Petite and sassy, she puts the ass in classy.

Follow The Lady Corbeau on IG: @theka


Hilary Kate

Hilary has been head over heels in love with pole dance since starting ten years ago. Recently returned from Ontario where she was completing her anesthesia residency training. During that time, she performed regularly at showcases and competitions hosted by Verticalove - solo, as part of the doubles act Poler Vortex, and as part of She Pole Dance's Grindhouse Girls troupe. She qualified for the 2013 Ontario Pole Fitness Championship (Amateur), was awarded silver in the 2014 Pole Sport Organization/Verticalove competition (Level 3 Championship), and won gold in Verticalove’s Great White North Competition 2015 (Semi-pro). After a short hiatus to focus on her muggle job studies, Hilary is thrilled to return to the stage alongside so much talent and to support an important cause that is close to her heart. 


Allie and Sam with DracuLauraMayhem 


Allie and Sam

Allie & Sam are a couple who use their social media channels to spread love and encourage kindness. They live in Halifax with their two fur babies. When they aren't working on their social media management business, A & S Social, they are usually travelling, reading, or watching low budget crime shows.

Follow Allie and Sam on IG: @allieandsam and @aandssocial



At a young age Laura Mayhem's first love was Mixed Martial Arts. After winning many awards in Sparring Competitions and achieving a 2nd Degree Black Belt,  she quickly flew into Pole Fitness and not long after that into the world of Aerials. In Circus arts, she discovered she could take her strength and flexibility and make it quite the spectical to perform and compete with. Begining at Studio InEssence,  than travelling to the West Coast,  she has been an Advanced Pole and Aerial Instructor at Iness,  The Vancouver Circus School,  AVA fitness and Tantra Fitness. She holds many awards and metals for a range of Pole Sport Competitions throughout Canada, while working as a lighting technician and as part of the Stunt Team on the television show 'Supergirl'. She can most recently be found traveling around with her Duo Aerial Hoop Partner as 'Mischief and Mayhem Circus' performing spectacular Doubles Aerial Hoop, teaching workshops and even selling rad merchandise. 

(Find them on Instagram @mischiefandmayhemcircus) !!


Rhett Slutler with Alix Todd


Rhett Slutler 

He'll tickle your fancy with his luscious moustache and luxurious chest hair. Rhett Slutler has brought the sleaze to please! This tiny disco King is a co-producer of the Gender F_ck show and a member of The Halifax Drag Kings as well as Blue Lobster Burlesque. He's the winner of Entertainer of the Year 2019 at the High Heel Awards  and the current reigning Mr Menz Bar. Known for his tight lipsync and questionable footwork, he's a force to be reckoned with. 

Follow Rhett on IG: @rhettslutler



Alix Todd

Alix Todd picked up a hula hoop in 2012 and it was love at first spin. Their lifelong passion for the stage had finally found its home in circus; they have since added trapeze to their skill set and dabble in assorted aerials, juggling and dance. Alix performs around the Maritimes at events ranging from family fun fairs to corporate galas. They have been a member of Atlantic Cirque’s performance troupe since 2016 and a cast member of the award-winning Halifax Fringe show Nascent. In true Scorpio fashion, they have a fierce, sassy performance style which draws in the audience while scaring them just a little bit.


KDZ with DisloCait


This self titled goth-cheerleader of circus has been captivating audiences since 2003. From black tie events, to Burningman, nationally and internationally, this multi-talented powerhouse boasts a long resume of performances, specializing in many different acts including dance, fire, aerial arts, handbalancing, and more!  Always managing to creep it real, she will sure to fill your heart with amazement or - at the very least - all of your clothes with glitter.


Chris Kelades with SpiraLynn 


14 years ago, SpiraLynn opened inesS™  the aerials and pole studio that has grown to be a staple in the East Coast pole and circus community. 

She is the East Coast Director for the Canadian Pole Sport Federation. 

A board member for the Spring Garden Road Association and proud alumni of the Nova Scotia College of Art and design. SpiraLynn evolved her dance style from ballet and gymnastics to breakdancing and circus.  Her claim to fame began in the hip hop community as Atlantic Canada’s first female DJ and breakdancer.  She has spent a lifetime making impossible movements and skills become a reality by believing in herself and those around her.  She has won regional pole fitness competitions and placed at nationals for three years in a row, and also hosts frequent performances and competitions - like this one! Mental Health is important to her.  Before her involvement in music and performing she suffered from depression. She re-discovered a passion for music and movement which seemed to make life an enjoyable playground she wants to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy the show. Come talk to me after.


Councillor Lindell Smith with Dawn Shepherd


Chris Kelades

Chris Kelades is a local professional mixed martial arts athlete living and training out of Cole Harbour N.S. 

Chris and his wife Martina are originally from the Annapolis Valley N.S but have called the Halifax area home for the last 8 years. 

Chris has been a active professional fighter since 2009 having multiple fights with the UFC, Bellator and currently fighting with M-1 Global out of Saint Petersburg Russia. 

Profile picture.jpg

Lindell Smith

Lindell Smith is a lifelong resident of the North End Halifax, and a proud father of a beautiful daughter. Co-founder of Center Line Studio, a non-profit recording studio for youth who want to express themselves through art and music. Lindell is also a member of “The One North End Project”, made up of community leaders from around HRM whose aim is to ensure that all residents benefit from the rapid growth by encouraging new hiring practices for local businesses and holding community engagement sessions. In 2016, Lindell was elected as City Councillor for District 8 Halifax Peninsula North.


Lindell has been awarded various honors including: Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Education and Community Service, chosen as one of five Youth Rising Stars for Nova Scotia, Abby Bryant (humanitarian) Award of Excellence, this award is given to a young person who is recognized for outstanding community service, and the Black Business Initiative’s Industry Development Award, awarded by the African-Nova Scotian Music Association.

Dawn Shepherd

Dawn Shepherd is an innovative and resilient contemporary circus artist, director and trainer. She studied and worked as an elite trainer with the National Circus School of Montreal before deciding to pursue a career in directing. Since 2014, Dawn and her partner Ryan Gray have produced two feature length contemporary circus shows in Halifax (TU Processed and Nascent), have collaborated on circus arts projects within Canada and abroad and recently launched their circus company, Breaking Circus. In 2012 and 2015, Dawn volunteered with the Zip Zap Circus School in Cape Town, South Africa, where she coached, provided artistic direction and performed live at the Bijou Theatre. In 2018, she was an aerialist and actor on the TV series, ‘’Big Top Academy’’, produced by Apartment 11 Productions and Cirque du Soleil, and performed aerial silks during the opening ceremony of the DOTA 2 International Championships before a audience of 20,000+ people. Dawn is currently developing her new circus series entitled, ‘’Black Cat: The Lives of the African-Descended Artist in Circus’’. Soon to be 45, Dawn is grateful for every opportunity to do what she loves.

Apex and MX. Mads

headshot_Dawn Shepherd.jpg
Alex Smith - Pic swts.JPG


Alex smith is a teacher and performer with Halifax Circus, Studio In Essence and Scout Camp Arts and Media. He has co produced an award winning Fringe show. He is a member of Halifax Circus's Board of Directors. He has performed internationally and all over Atlantic Canada. He has been a professional circus artist for 9 years. He specializes in hand balancing, partner and solo acrobatics, solo and duo aerials and fire arts. His love of Bruce Lee's philosophy has led him to believe that the utmost goal in life is the full exploration of potential and of living an active, curious life while constantly expanding as an artist and movement practitioner.

MX. Mads

Mx. Mads is a movement artist who specialises in aerial improvisation and undulating, enigmatic dance. With over a decade of performance experience across Atlantic Canada, they have honed their stage presence and technique to a fine edge.


Mx. Mads has performed in the Canada Games opening ceremonies, at music festivals in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, as well as a multitude of private events. They have trained, studied, and taught in Halifax and Montreal and they are a graduate of the National Circus School's formation for circus trainers.


Mx. Mads has produced and co-produced circus spectacles with every circus troupe in Halifax, and recently performed and co-produced the award winning show Liminal Flight. Their aim is to create innovative, gender-bending art, while delighting with strength, stretches, and strangeness.


DJ Tommy Knuckles and Zach Trash 

Tommy Knuckles.jpg

DJ Tommy Knuckles

As a true veteran and promoter of the Halifax underground music scene, a local HOUSE music staple with 20 years behind the decks and thousands of performances in the Maritimes and all across North America, Tommy understands what it takes to create a fun party vibe and loves making people dance. With a genuine humility and vibe emanating from his soul, his love of house music is contagious. Known for dropping old school vocal house with sassy new school bass lines, his indisputable drive and natural talent has earned him a spot among the best djs on the east coast. Tommy Knuckles fun energy, funky music and genuine vibe will leave a smile on your face and your body begging for more.

Jonas Colter with Kyle Scott  

Kyle Scott

Kyle Scott has a theatre degree and a degree in kinesilogy from Acadia University. He has 20 years of experience in national level sports; he was on the NS wrestling team for the Canada Games and the NS National team for rugby. Kyle is a founding member of Incendia Motus – the premiere fire-troupe in Atlantic Canada, and regularly instructs in our social outreach Circus Circle programs. He also runs our fire safety workshops, and tours his fire show every summer to Festivals across Canada and the US, from the Masters of Fire competition in Montreal to Burning Man in Nevada.

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