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Athletes 2018


13 years ago, SpiraLynn opened inesS™  the aerials and pole studio that has grown to be a staple in the East Coast pole and circus community. 

She is the East Coast Director for the Canadian Pole Sport Federation.

A board member for the Spring Garden Road Association and proud alumni of the Nova Scotia College of Art and design. SpiraLynn evolved her dance style from ballet and gymnastics to breakdancing and circus.  Her claim to fame began in the hip hop community as Atlantic Canada’s first female DJ and breakdancer.  She has spent a lifetime making impossible movements and skills become a reality by believing in herself and those around her.  She has won regional pole fitness competitions and placed at nationals for three years in a row, and also hosts frequent performances and competitions - like this one! Mental Health is important to her.  Before her involvement in music and performing she suffered from depression. She re-discovered a passion for music and movement which seemed to make life an enjoyable playground she wants to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy the show. Come talk to me after.

This self titled goth-cheerleader of circus has been captivating audiences since 2003. From black tie events, to Burningman, nationally and internationally, this multi-talented powerhouse boasts a long resume of performances, specializing in many different acts including dance, fire, aerial arts, handbalancing, and more!  Always managing to creep it real, she will sure to fill your heart with amazement or - at the very least - all of your clothes with glitter.

Vanessa Furlong

Vanessa Furlong has been fiercely spreading her love of the arts in Nova Scotia since she made Halifax her home in 2005. Vanessa holds a degree in Theatre and Music performance from Bishop’s University and has developed her career in the arts since graduation. Beginning as the co-creator of the Musical Theatre program for Interaction Children’s Theatre Company in NB, and leading to today where she holds the titles of co founder of LEGacy Circus and head performance instructor for Atlantic Cirque.

Vanessa uses research she developed while working in youth organizations, and in her 10 years of mental health support work when developing her workshops and her on stage presentations. Vanessa’s creations involve the question of how physical expression affects the psychological impact on both performer and audiences alike. Influenced by her work with non-verbal communicators, she was drawn to how this affected her own rhythms when supporting, teaching, creating, and performing. Vanessa is currently exploring accessibility in the performance arts and adaptable acrobatics with her performance partner Erin Ball with their company LEGacy Circus.

Vanessa’s passion on the stage is electric; her devotion unquestionable. She has toured all over Canada, the Eastern US, and Asia performing as front woman in ECMA and MNS award winning group ThreeSheet, as a professional aerialist, (Trapeze), and acrobatic stilt dancer for LEGacy Circus and Atlantic Cirque, and as an award winning Spoken Word artist/Keynote Speaker advocating for accessibility and mental health. 

Kristin Langille

Kristin Langille is pleased as punch to be performing tonight for SWTS alongside her friends and co-workers and especially her incredibley talented partner/star Catherine Richardson. Kristin is a circus performer from Halifax who has been performing for 10 years. She has been the head of aerials at Halifax Circus since it’s opening. Through HC, she has travelled and performed nationally and internationally, performing in Mumbai India and at the PPS Aerial Tournament where she placed 3rd in Dance Trapeze. Kristin teaches aerials at HC as well as at InEss and enjoys performing with Scout and AC every summer. Other than circus, she enjoys working as an actor, writer, stunt performer and mermaid with Halifax Mermaids. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Hilary Kate

Hilary has been head over heels in love with pole dance since starting nine years ago. For the last five years, she has been in Ontario completing her anesthesia residency training. During that time, she performed regularly at showcases and competitions hosted by Verticalove - solo, as part of the doubles act Poler Vortex, and as part of She Pole Dance's Grindhouse Girls troupe. She qualified for the 2013 Ontario Pole Fitness Championship (Amateur), was awarded silver in the 2014 Pole Sport Organization/Verticalove competition (Level 3 Championship), and won gold in Verticalove’s Great White North Competition 2015 (Semi-pro). After a short hiatus to focus on her muggle job studies, Hilary is thrilled to return to the stage alongside so much talent and to support an important cause that is close to her heart. 

Alison Shepard

Alison is 31 years old and has been doing pole since 2014. She competed in her first competition in 2015 in the semi pro category and came first place. Pole was Alison’s getaway. Anytime she was in a bad mood she would hop on the pole and dance it out, after always feeling on top of the world. She loves how pole makes you feel, confident, strong , pretty no matter what shape or size you are. Alison has struggled for over ten years with mental illness, so when she was asked to perform and raise money for this cause she was honored and jumped at the opportunity.  Aside from pole Alison’s other obsession is her puppy Riley ! He’s her little sidekick!

Alex Smith

Alex smith is a teacher and performer with Halifax Circus, Studio In Essence and Scout Camp Arts and Media. He has co produced an award winning Fringe show. He is a member of Halifax Circus's Board of Directors. He has performed internationally and all over Atlantic Canada. He has been a professional circus artist for 8 years. He specializes in hand balancing, partner and solo acrobatics, solo and duo aerials and fire arts. His love of Bruce Lee's philosophy has led him to believe that the utmost goal in life is the full exploration of potential and of living an active, curious life while constantly expanding as an artist and movement practitioner.

MX. Mads

MX Mads is a movement artist who specialises in aerial improvisation and undulating, enigmatic dance. With over a decade of performance experience across Atlantic Canada, they have honed their stage presence and technique to a fine edge.

MX. MADS has performed in the Canada Games opening ceremonies, at music festivals in quebec and the maritimes, as well as a multitude of private events. They have trained, studied, and taught in Halifax and Montreal and they are a graduate of the National Circus School's formation for circus trainers.

MX. MADS has produced and co-produced circus spectacles with Halifax Circus, Scout Camp, inEss, and collaborated with ad hoc groups of artists. Their aim is to create innovative, gender-bending art, while delighting with strength, stretches, and strangeness. 

Candice Prior

Candice teaches pole, TRX, Pilates, and Barre. She's an expert in proper form, realignment, and building strength, so she's a great choice for clients looking to recover from injury or athletes looking for excellent cross-training. 


She is the 2013 Canadian national champion in the masters 40+ category for pole fitness and earned the silver medal at the 2014 world pole sport championship in the masters 50+ category.

Andrea Casey

Andrea has spent a large portion of her life exploring and expressing herself through the art of movement. She now shares that  passion through performance arts and full time teaching at Studio in Essence.


Andrea teaches 6 levels of Pole Acrobatics, Pilates, Flexibility training, Reformer, TRX, and Calisthenics. She is also a Personal Trainer and offers Nutritional coaching!


Andrea pours her heart and soul into her students, and wants them to know that they are the inspiration for her hard work and dedication.

Katelyn Rowe

Katelyn began pole fitness classes at Studio in Essence in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the combination of strength, flexibility and dance in the sport. She became a certified pole fitness instructor shortly after and enjoys sharing her love of the sport with her students at InesS. Katelyn has competed in Pole Comedy, Doubles and the Pro Division at pole fitness competitions. Last year, Katelyn and her previous celebrity partner (Stoo Metz!) took second place at the Spinning with the Stars charity competition fundraiser. Katelyn is thrilled to be a part of this years fundraiser for The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia as she also works in the social services field. 

NaRae Lee

NaRae has been pole dancing for 5 years after having enough training through 10 years of martial arts. She is a pole instructor at Studio in Essence and is thrilled to be part of Spinning with the Stars this year with an incredible ex-gymnast Matt Ryan! She was an Atlantic Amateur champion back in 2015 at the East Coast Pole Championship, and currently is a kinesiology student at Dalhousie University. 

Kyle Scott

Kyle Scott has a theatre degree and a degree in kinesilogy from Acadia University. He has 20 years of experience in national level sports; he was on the NS wrestling team for the Canada Games and the NS National team for rugby. Kyle is a founding member of Incendia Motus – the premiere fire-troupe in Atlantic Canada, and regularly instructs in our social outreach Circus Circle programs. He also runs our fire safety workshops, and tours his fire show every summer to Festivals across Canada and the US, from the Masters of Fire competition in Montreal to Burning Man in Nevada.

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